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Track Guide - Finery

Finery was one of the few tracks that seemed to come together really quickly in the writing process. The main repeating motif started life on the guitar, and provided a basis for all of the instruments to come in and out around it.

We had great fun recording this one, especially working on the breakdown at the 1.55 mark, which we wanted to pan across the speakers. One of our personal highlights from the album is the song's outro, starting at 3.00, with the bass clarinet and bass guitar taking the centre stage as the song builds to its crescendo.

You can hear a very early version of this on this Instagram post.

We also had a wonderful time making the video for Finery, which we shot in an old mill in Hawarden in north Wales, just before they put a big fence around it to prevent people gaining access. It was a pleasure to work with Kapow and George Ellis, who did a truly stunning job:

The lyrics in Finery are based around the idea of being immersed in a world of plenty, but not having access to it. The restraints may be tangible, physical things, or beliefs, allegiances or morals. 

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